How do I burn my website to CD?


It is possible to distribute websites downloaded with Web2Disk on CD-ROM, USB, or other portable media. In this example we'll assume that you are downloading the website "" and your Output Folder is "C:\Downloaded Websites\".

  1. Enter "" in the Root URL field
  2. Set the Output Folder to "C:\Downloaded Websites\" (or the location where you want to store the website before it is burned to CD)
  3. Click "Go" to download the website and wait for Web2Disk to complete.
  4. Once the download is finished, in your downloaded website folder you'll see something like:
    • C:\Downloaded Websites\autorun.inf (File)
    • C:\Downloaded Websites\ (Folder)
    Burn the autorun file and the website folder to root of a CD with your favorite CD burning application.

If you followed these steps correctly, when the user inserts it into their PC the website should automatically launch (if autorun is disabled, clicking on the CD-ROM icon in Windows explorer should do it).

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