Why doesn't Web2Disk save the PHP/ASP/Perl or other source code?


Question: Why doesn't Web2Disk copy the original website source code? I want to copy a website and put it back online.

Answer: Web2Disk can copy websites that are creating using most server-side technologies (including PHP, Perl and ASP). However, the server protects the original source code of these files, so only the site's content is copied, not the original source code.

That means, when you download a website with Web2Disk, you'll have a copy that looks and feels the same as the original site, but the underlying architecture of the site will be different to facilitate offline browsing.

Web2Disk is not able to access to any protected content on the web server, including the original source code of the website. The server-side code that runs a website is protected by the architecture of the web, this is not a limitation of Web2Disk. There is no way to get unauthorized access to server-side code.

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