Why is Web2Disk downloading files from other sites that are outside my Root URL?


Question: I thought Web2Disk was only supposed to download the pages from my site. I see it download files from other servers that are not the same as my Root URL. What's wrong?

Answer: Web2Disk will only download the pages from your Root URL, but if it finds images, CSS style sheets, JavaScript or other content that is linked externally, Web2Disk will automatically include this content for you. This is becoming more and more common as websites turn to Content Delivery Networks to improve their speed. 

More often than not this external content is required to make the offline copy of your website display correctly, so we enable it by default. Web2Disk is smart enough not to keep crawling these sites; it's only going to download the content your website must have.

If you wish to disable this behavior, disable the "Download Near Offsite Content" setting in Advanced Project Settings (click the "Wrench" button).

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